‘Alkimiya’ translates to Alchemy in my ancestors native language. Historically, alchemy was practiced by chemists to discover the transmutation of base metals such as iron or lead into precious gold. The alchemical journey symbolizes the path of inner transformation and the evolution of consciousness from our unhealed states to our higher, healthy self. 

By realigning our shadow states to our most authentic true self and our highest potential, we can reach a refined state of “spiritual gold”. The alchemical journey can be facilitated through nature’s medicines to heal body, mind and spirit. 

The alchemical healing journey is the path of inner transformation to our highest healthy self.

My Philosophy

What I Believe In

In today's world many people find themselves surviving and not thriving. We live in a stressful, fast paced, information overload, digital age that is overwhelming our natural ability to be healthy, flourish and be in peace. 

Modern life can disconnect us from our emotions, bodies and the environment in which we live. We can often then find ourselves dealing with physical and mental health challenges.  Being connected to our highest healthiest self and consciously evolving is important now more than ever to navigate our current world. 

Working on healing ourselves provides us the inner strength and a solid foundation to live our best lives.

The alchemy of natural healing can deepen our relationship with ourselves, each other and the Earth.

Today now more than ever calls for a return back to nature. 

The path back to our core true healthy selves and higher consciousness can be made through our reconnection back to nature and experiencing the Earth’s gifts through its many powerful medicines. 

By gently stimulating your own natural ability to heal and with healthy lifestyle changes, naturopathic medicine offers you the ability to regain your full potential of who you really were meant to be.

I believe that working intentionally with natural medicines can heal not only our physical bodies, but can also support deep inner transformational change releasing us from challenging long standing patterns and beliefs to consciously evolve.

Holistic health encompasses a whole systems view of healing not only within ourselves, but also to our relationships and our environment. By healing ourselves we also collectively heal the planet!

Through synergizing traditional ancestral medicine and vitalist healing principles with evidence based modern science, we have the possibility of experiencing deep healing shifts.

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