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What to Expect

Our work together includes three customized areas. 

  • Building good health needs solid foundations. Removing factors that may impede healing or affect organ function is vital. 

  • I will complete a naturopathic assessment of your case, laboratory assessment, testing and examinations where required. I will analyze and research your case to find the best solutions customized to your situation. 

  • We will work to eliminate and improve detrimental lifestyle factors that may be contributing to disease such as poor sleep, diet and living habits.  

  • Bringing in healthy lifestyle habits and the reduction of stress all support health vitality. 



  • Healing takes time. We didn’t get to where we are overnight so allow your body and mind the space and time it needs to recover.   

  • My intention is to see profound shifts in any sphere physically, mentally and emotionally. 

  • Mental health shifts such as less anxiety and stress, improved mood, higher adaptability, more peace and calm are the most important since when we are not feeling these it can cause us the most distress. 

  • Finding ourselves more adaptable, resilient, empowered, in less pain and healthy is some of what we can expect on our unique journey together to healing through naturopathic medicine. 



- Rachel Carson

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature. 

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